The Culotte

By Mauricia - 9/21/2016

Without a doubt one of my favourite items of clothing. Sweat proof, eczema ready, stylish and understated. Is it a skirt or a culotte? Until i start walking you may never know.

I got these at a steal from Urban Outfitters for £8, paired with boots or heels, they work. The pinstripe is classic and i think works best with muted colours, like a berry, ready for this not-quite Autumn weather. 

As i strolled round Holland park in my patent heels, i felt ready to actually own one of these houses, and my culottes were too. That was until a lady strolled past saying "actually this is my door" and we walked on hanging our head in shame. One day super rich London, One Day.

Then equally these culottes were grungified with some vintage Hush Puppies and my trusty mini rucksack, and then i was ready to go back to the less pretty area of London with my feet firmly on the ground. 

Versatility is what i am trying to say.

Now, you may scroll.

Mauricia X

Boots - Vintage
Mini Rucksack - Charity Shop


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