A Change Is Gonna Come

By Mauricia - 10/30/2016

Inspiring, beautiful and overwhelming.

Giving a voice to the voiceless, we marched. We made ourselves heard and the streets of London stopped.

 I love animals... I love the earth and it is no secret that i lead a vegan lifestyle. At times it's lonely, at times you feel like you're the only one fighting against the rest of the world. To rebel against a system (the meat/dairy industry) that has been so deeply engrained into society isn't easy. No one makes it easy, except for the likeminded compassionate beings. But despite this veganism has grown by 360% in 10 years, i feel it, and i see it in Quorn vegan products, Ben and Jerry's vegan ice cream, Sainsbury's and Tesco's own vegan cheeses and the 3 new vegan restaurants in little old Colchester. Most of all, i saw it today, in the thousands that marched to end the abuse of animals. Its a movement and it's growing.

 "Oh no, i'm not one of THOSE vegans" said a man to me on the train back; what did he mean by that? Although he himself was vegan, he wanted to dissociate himself from the vegan movement because he's 'not like us.' Well, i saw man, woman, child, young and old. I saw what he'd call 'hippies,' outspoken and quiet marchers. I saw photographers, videographers and people handing out leaflets. I saw introverts who were there to build the numbers, to build the movement. I couldn't help but think how many more would have been there if they didn't fear being "one of those vegans."

 This isn't for ourselves, this is bigger than us. This is for the beings that don't deserve the torture, suffering and harm caused by humans. If you love animals, don't eat them, simple right?

Mauricia X

Why not dairy?

Care about the environment... aka want the earth to outlive you?

We are all earthlings.

Do you know many animals have been killed since you opened this page?

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