I'm Here to Learn

By Mauricia - 10/09/2016

It's been over a month. I miss home, i miss my dogs and i miss my friends.

I'll be honest, when i moved i thought it would be a breeze. I thought: London, excitement, fun and living. So far it has been that, but it's also been anxiety, confusion, depression and a hell of a lot of cleaning. 

I guess now Mauricia has kicked in, and this is real life. I haven't magically evolved into a cultured spontaneous being just because i now live in London. I'm still just me. Nights out in London have been, at a push, good; it's not like home. You can't put on the most TOWIE outfit, split a taxi and hope for the best. Instead its tubes, ubers, getting followed, tripping over the vast homeless population of London streets and wondering if you will in fact make it back. 

Living in halls is messy, its expensive and its being around people you otherwise wouldn't be. Goodness this is as wonderful as it is horrid. I cannot imagine where my head would be if i hadn't met some of the people i have, and i have to pinch myself everyday to remind myself i made it, i'm at UAL.

Although its tough adjusting, and it's lonely sometimes; home is too little for me now. Opening my blinds and seeing Wembley everyday, a 10 minute journey to Westfield and the background noise that the city brings is something i'm used to now.

I've started my course, and i'm ready; after all, i'm here to learn.


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