By Mauricia - 10/25/2016

This is decaf tea to stop my anxiety, and to sleep before 4am. This is sitting and being inspired for the first time since starting my course. These are half clean paintbrushes, and a beaker i use to drink when I'm too lazy to sit up, because i always spill my drinks. Ironically it is gone 3am now, and 2 cups of decaf tea later i am still awake. Did you know its more expensive the normal tea?! Outrageous.

I often sit and think how nice it is to put my crumpets down on a low surface and not have my dogs take a bite - but i'd rather half eaten food and them be here. This room is cold, there is no life, except my plants, which i water religiously... one of them has grown a bud, that made me happy.

I hoovered a few days ago, i think, so why is my floor again dirty? Why are the desks white when i like drawing with charcoal?

Getting out of bed is hard, thank god for the uncomfortable mattress. I enjoy my lectures, i do, yet even with 10 hours sleep i cannot stay awake. Mauricia, you don't pay £9000 a year to fall asleep in your lectures.

I eat wonderfully, too much so. I spent too much money on food and couldn't go out... but it was worth it right? Who wants to live off rice and beans anyway? (Well, me, but there is no way i was walking round Morrisons for the 3rd time trying to find the rice; i have beans though.)

I'm fragile and surviving.

I promised so much more for this blog, and it will come, in time. But if you weren't expecting documentary photography then maybe you shouldn't be reading an art students blog.

Until next time,

Mauricia X

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