My Favourite Place in London

By Mauricia - 12/24/2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and what better time to show you my most favourite place.. in London at least. The beautiful Holland Park.

I feel so lucky to live about 15 minutes from here; its a little splice of London that doesn't feel like London at all.

And, if you wondered, whilst taking this photo i was approached by a man who asked me an array of questions about peacocks proclaiming that i MUST be an expert as i am taking so many pictures... ha-ha, oh middle class humour!!

So, what i will say, if you like being unsociable and solitary whilst getting lost in the hustle and bustle of London crowds, maybe Holland Park is not your cup of tea. But, if like me you like posh people, dogs, and rogue waterfalls it might just be your new favourite place.

I adore it here; and sometimes, when London gets a bit too much, and uni gets a bit stressful, i like to think this is where i will go. With dogs all around it kind of feels like being back at home... and then i get sad that they aren't my dogs and i don't live in the big £20,000,000+ houses; but i digress.

So, if you're taking a visit to the Design Museum, Cass Art or just want a good ole nature walk; there is no where quite like Holland Park.

Merry Christmas!

Mauricia X


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