Going It Alone

By Mauricia - 2/26/2017

 Earlier this week i did something i have always wanted to; that is to go to the theatre alone. I don't know why that is weird, but it seems to be against convention to go to the cinema, to dinner, or to the theatre alone, so i was a little bit scared.

 I'm bored of searching for people to do things with all the time. Of course i love spending time with friends, but finding another friend who has the money and wants to see the same thing as me? near impossible. Besides, i like my own company, and what do i have to lose eh?

 There i was, 4am, the same time as i'm writing this post saying to myself "just book it mauricia, you have nothing to lose" but apparently theatre websites close, who knew. So... adrenaline rush gone, the next morning i booked the cheapest seat available (student budgets, sigh) to go and see Half A Sixpence at the Noel Coward Theatre the next day.. one seat left in a row, i was going it alone.

 Half a Sixpence is a childhood musical favourite of mine - one of many - and i was excited. I was excited to leave this room and actually appreciate a little more of London, as for the show itself, i didn't think it would be anything special. Turns out it was... it really was something special.

 The empowerment of walking to the box office to collect my lone ticket, being directed to my seat... like a proper adult; walking past elderly couples drinking their wine in that weird theatre waiting area with not-enough-tables, head held high... yes i was bought up with culture, and Half a Sixpence. 

 In my £15 balcony seat waiting for the show to start, i regretted my decision. Who would i complain to if i didn't like it? Or what if....? I was being silly. The show started, i was enticed; a couple of seat adjustments to get a good view and i was good to go. These seats were SO much better than i expected!! The songs in the show were making me laugh, the actors were brilliant, within 10minutes i was sat there laughing to myself completely forgetting i was all alone!!

 A quick interlude wee dash - completely sped up by the fact i had no one to wait for; a quick scroll through my phone, and the second act was on. I truly cannot put into words how brilliant this show was. I was dazzled, starstruck, i felt so happy, and so lucky to be watching such a show. There was humour, wit, dancing, energy, and so many songs. It truly was wonderful, and dare i say.. miles better than the film.

 It finished. I left the theatre - after i had eked out my clapping and waited till i was getting a 'can you leave already' look from the theatre staff. I was desperately trying to hold back the tears because it would probably cause concern if i was crying, alone, after an uplifting musical, for no plausible reason. I considered waiting by the stage door, but what could i say to the actors that they hadn't already heard? I could blubber like a baby and make them miss the last train, or tweet them later. The latter.

 So, i walked to the tube, sobbing at the brilliance at what i had just watched.. And then, booked to go again, with mum this time.
 Hmm.. so what was all the fuss about then? Who knows ! I'm not saying this will become a regularity, but, the next time a show is on and i can spare the ££ i will not hesitate to go it alone, and i hope you will consider it also, instead of missing out !

Thanks for reading, and i HIGHLY recommend going to see Half A Sixpence while you can !

Mauricia X

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