In Vienna

By Mauricia - 4/14/2017

 4 days, 3 nights in Vienna, Austria. Exhausting, but beautiful.. filled with art, architecture, more art and lots of walking.

 As an avid planner, i had my map, my train map, and all the places i wanted to visit with me at all times; alongside marking all the places i could eat during the trip (finding vegan food out n about makes me anxious at the best of times!) We managed to visit the Leopold Museum, Belvedere Palace, Sisi Museum, Momok Contemporary art, Flee markets, Cathedrals and a peek into Motzart's house. Pre-warning: Vienna is expensive... 26EUR entrance to the Belvedere, and cafes doubling their prices when you sit inside; if your in a large group, the art of persuasion may just get you free entry.

 Vienna was beautiful, it really was, the architecture and scattered gardens, so many shops, and roads intermingled with palaces. However, i don't yearn to visit again, and i think 4 days was perfect for exploring what the city has to offer... and walking 20,000 steps a day on little to no sleep began to take its toll.

 Video of my trip:

 Food places: Swing kitchen, Maram vegan (an amazing supermarket!!).. also, Loving Hut, V Bites kitchen and many more!

Thanks for reading,

Mauricia X

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