I Moved!

By Mauricia - 9/09/2016

That's right, I'm officially a London girl... I'm 6 days in, my room is sorted and i have done a fair few touristy bits. 

London is overwhelming, there is so much you CAN do, but you don't always know what to do.. and sometimes you just need to stop and give yourself time.

I've been in a battle between feeling too anxious to go out and also feeling like i need to go out. I need to remind myself that i have time... exploring the city shouldn't be a chore it should be enjoyable.

So far i've been to a few galleries, walked round Kensington and had lunch at St Pauls cathedral. It makes me feel warm inside sitting and watching such a vast array of people walk by, and always a new face. It's also comforting that being alone in London isn't lonely, its just kind of normal.

Until next time,

Mauricia X

V&A Museum

Natural History Museum

St Pauls Cathedral


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