A Walk Amongst Sculptures

By Mauricia - 8/21/2017

 Nature and sculpture, the two loves of my life, that can sit together in total harmony and bliss. You find me a sculpture exhibition in amongst woodland walks and walled gardens.. I will happily be there.

 Back in Essex for the summer, and flicking through some kind of magazine, up popped an advert for a sculpture exhibition in a little place right near me, and off we toddled in the car to see what it was all about.

 And whilst i expected some kind of Tate-style exhibition in an outdoor form, i was pleasantly surprised to see sculptures intwined and apart of a vast spans of lakes, fields, trees and flowers, water stepping stones, and hidden swamps. This was a place where all there is to do is appreciate, reflect and walk.. walk a very long way (in hindsight a long walk in sandals and extreme tiredness wasn't the best idea.) But either way, at £6 each, what was there to lose!

 This lovely secluded place is like walking into Holland Park, but instead of reaching the edge and hearing the hustle and bustle of London, you are greeted with green as far as the eye can see!

 You can find these sculptures, and expansive gardens at Marks Hall and if you can get there before the 10th Sept (2017) you will catch the exhibition! It's a beautiful place to just clear your head, and i'm sure a cute family day out, aside from the walkways not being particularly buggy-friendly.

 I feel so happy that i managed to visit this pretty piece of countryside, and i recommend going if you get the chance, and also finding out about local exhibitions near you!

Mauricia X

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